Welcome to The Blubbercast Wiki!

This is a compact space for all things in the Blubbercast cinematic universe (reffered to here-on-out as the Blubberverse), so the fifty fans* can easily locate any and all information from over two thousand years of podcasting!

This Wiki is centered around the documentation of the lore and characters that are held within the Blubberverse.

*figure as of January 2018

What is Blubbercast?

Blubbercast is a Talk Show that is developed by Max aka Skiddo.

Max, Dan, Harper and a guest while discussing usually nonsensical topics, such as What aliens they would like to have sex with , What would happen if they trained a monkey to use firearms and What the best part of the Little Cesars bacon timeline is.

The accompanying talent are usually Twitter Celebrities, Twitter Artists or whoever they can get a hold of when they are about to record.

This entire wiki was created by Max (hi) , so I'm not gunna referance shit because I know that everything I write is factual. SORRY HATERS.

Alright but like, what actually is Blubbercast?

It really is a talk show, and it really is (was) developed by Max. For more information on the show itself visit Blubbercast. (page not to be confused with Blubbercast (Entity) which details Blubbercast's lore as it appears on the show itself).

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